Yet another reason why…I, now hate Ron.

Ron Paul Voted NO on allowing human embryonic stem cell research.

To provide for human embryonic stem cell research. A YES vote would:

Call for stem cells to be taken from human embryos that were donated from in vitro fertilization clinics Require that before the embryos are donated, that it be established that they were created for fertility treatment and in excess of clinical need and otherwise would be discarded Stipulate that those donating the embryos give written consent and do not receive any compensation for the donation.

Reference: Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act; Bill HR 810 ; vote number 2005-204 on May 24, 2005

"The promise of stem cells, which have been used for 40 years in bone marrow transplants, lies in their ability to repair tissue, reduce inflammation, regulate the immune system, and respond to calls for help from multiple places inside the body. Stem cells are the body’s master cells - blank slates that renew themselves and mature into specific cell types in the heart, muscle and other organs.

Embryonic stem cells are uniquely capable of differentiating into every type of mature cell in the body, and were long viewed as the most promising for regenerating tissue.

But harvesting stem cells from embryos requires the destruction of the embryo itself, a process opposed by conservative Christian groups. Moreover, their endless capacity to divide can lead to the formation of teratomas, or stem cell cancers.

Recently, Geron Corp, the world’s leading embryonic stem cell company, said it could no longer fund its stem cell work and would focus on developing cancer drugs. It closed its trial for spinal cord injury.

Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells have a more limited capacity to differentiate, but appear able to reduce inflammation and promote blood vessel formation. Furthermore, they can respond to damage in the body in a flexible and dynamic way, offering advantages over traditional drugs.”

I take personal offense against anyone who is opposed to embryonic stem cell research. My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 30 and has struggled with the brain degenerating disease every fucking day since diagnosed… If you don’t know what it does then look that shit up. Or just check out the video of Michael J. Fox proving a point by showing what the disease does without medication, you know, the one where Rush Limbaugh criticises him and says he is EXAGGERATING the effects of the disease. PUH-LEASE! I wish he would spend one evening with mom and say that to her face, she’s exaggerating. If you could walk a mile in my moms shoes you would want kill yourself because you wouldn’t even be able to walk that mile…you fall, can’t walk straight, muscle spasms, freezing in position…that’s not to mention the dementia you will eventually get and the hallucinations as a side effect of the millions of different drugs and their reactions with each other. Slurred speech, cognitive problems, depression, bad teeth, eventual loss of motor skills, bladder control(or lack thereof), constant tremors, stiffening muscles, memory loss, etc, etc… So when you sit there on your high horse saying EVERY FETUS FROM CONCEPTION HAS A RIGHT TO LIFE AND THEY CAN FEEL PAIN(even though they can’t up until 24 weeks because their nerve endings aren’t developed enough. Yeah, UK study) EVEN THOUGH IT WILL BE DISGUARDED ANYWAYS JUST REMEMBER WHAT ANY DEGENERATING NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE SUFFERING GOES THROUGH BE IT M.S., PARKINSON’S, WHATEVER!!! AND SAY TO YOURSELF WAIT, DONT THEY DESERVE THEIR RIGHT TO LIFE??? DONT THEY DESERVE TO LIVE PAIN FREE JUST LIKE THE FETUS DOES UP UNTIL 24 WEEKS??? HOW IS THAT FAIR TO MY MOM WHO I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR TO STOP HER DAILY SUFFERING. RON PAUL, YOU AND ANYONE ANTI-EMBRYONIC STEMCELL RESEARCH MAKE ME SICK. SICK THAT YOU WOULD BE OK WITH LETTING THE ALREADY SUFFERING GREATLY KEEP ON SUFFERING JUST WAITING TO DIE…AND IF YOU EVEN SAY ALL MY MOM NEEDS IS GOD, THEN YOU GO, GET A STEAK KNIFE FROM YOUR KITCHEN AND STAB YOURSELF IF THE THIGHS(BOTH OF THEM), A FEW TIMES. GET THE PICTURE OF HOW MY MOM FEELS??? NO??? YEAH, YOU NEVER WILL BECAUSE YOU ARE COLD AND DELUSIONAL.

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